In light of the recent Coronavirus, all our exercise classes are currently suspended.

We would really like you to continue to remain active; below are some exercise films that you can do from the comfort of your own home.
Please also read our Exercising from Home, Information and Tips guide

Session 18: Home Exercise: Strength & Balance - chair-based

Session 17: Strength & Balance (standing) with Sarah

Session 16: Strength & Balance - Balance session (advanced) with Louise

Session 15: Strength & Balance - Aerobic session (advanced) with Louise

Session 14: Focus on hands and wrists with Frances

Session 13: Tai Chi (standing) with Frances

Session 12: Strength & Balance - Balance Focus with Lucie

Session 11: Strength & Balance - Balance Focus

Session 10: Strength & Balance - Balance Focus

Session 9: Workout Wednesday's

Session 8: Strength & Balance (leg strength) with Lucie

Session 7: Pilates - guest contribution by Gill Withers

Session 6: Strength & Balance (endurance focus) with Lucie

Session 5: Tai Chi with Frances Reader

Session 4: Strength & Balance with Carol Doherty

Session 3: Tai Chi with Frances Reade

Session 2: Strength & Balance, including floorwork

Session 1: Strength & Balance

Also see these two very useful websites for ideas on keeping active whilst at home: