About Us

Generation Games is Age UK Oxfordshire’s physical activity service.
Our aim is to enable all older people in Oxfordshire to enjoy being active in order to live life to the full.

We were created in 2012 to provide physical activity options to Oxfordshire’s over 50 population and are funded by Oxfordshire’s Clinical Commissioning group. We started out as a signposting service and very quickly started delivering exercise sessions, growing very rapidly to 69 classes across Oxfordshire with approximately 1,000 people attending every week.
Our classes range from Chair based exercise, Exercise to music, Strength & Balance, to more specialist classes such as Big Bold and Balance (Parkinson's) and classes for people with MS.
For our health conditions classes we work with our colleagues in the NHS to ensure classes are suitable. People can also be referred to Strength & Balance classes by their health professional.
Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, we quickly started to run classes online via Zoom, which was a great way for people to remain active, socially connected and safe.
Now as restrictions are starting to lift, we are planning a gradual restart of Face to Face classes, with safety at the forefront, whilst also continuing to run some sessions on Zoom.
We have also been publishing free home exercise sessions on our Youtube channel which have been very popular.
We are a small team of 8, most of us part-time and out office is at the Age UK Oxfordshire office in Abingdon, although most of us are still working from home.

“Since lockdown and the closing of my gym and swimming pool, I have found the Generation Games exercises invaluable, not just the DVD but the online exercises as well. Being very much a senior I feel they are pitched at the right level and I certainly feel energized having done them.”

Participant, aged 73

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