Exercise Classes for Over 50s in Oxfordshire

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Class Descriptions

Big Bold and Balance *

Aimed at people with Parkinson’s. Big, bold movements to open up posture and includes evidence based exercises to improve balance and strength. Medium intensity and low impact.

Movement and Strength *

Exercise session for people with MS. Uses various equipment to improve strength, flexibility and range of movement. A supportive group and very welcoming of new members. Mixed intensity and low impact.

Zumba Gold

Choreographed moves that have their roots in Salsa, Meringue and Cha cha, done to Latin American music. No partner needed! Higher in intensity than Chair based and low impact.

Dance to music / Exercise to music

Standing routines, with chair option, working on general fitness, coordination, flexibility, balance and strength. Ideal for people who like to, and are able to, move to music. Higher in intensity than Chair based, and mixed impact.

Strength and Balance *

Therapy style evidence based exercise class focusing on strength, balance, flexibility and mobility. Option to practice going down and up from the floor (or kneeling). Uses chair as a support and a range of equipment. Ideal for people who are worried about their balance. Medium intensity and low impact.

Chair-based exercise to music

Mainly performed sitting down and often with a short (optional) standing section to practice balance. These classes work on improving strength by using resistance bands, body weight and sometimes hand weights. Other equipment such as batons, scarves or pom poms may be used to improve coordination. Low intensity and low impact.

* Part of GG Pathway Programme – sessions focusing on specific health conditions, led by specially qualified instructors

Most classes are £4 per session - your first session is free