General Health

Physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death around the world, behind high blood pressure, tobacco and high blood sugar (WHO)

In the UK, physical inactivity is responsible for approximately one in six deaths (Lee et al. 2012)

We are one of the least active countries in the world. This graph shows the percentage of the population who are inactive compared to other countries (PHE, 2014)


Regular physical activity throughout life reduces your risk of dying with the greatest gains are found when changing from no activity, or very little, to a moderate amount. (Woodcock et al., 2011)

Healthy levels of physical activity do not mean you have to go to the gym – walking is great

However, the more you can do each day, the better (Wen et al., 2011)


It is never too late to start exercising. Starting exercise at any stage of life benefits your health and reduces your risk of premature death


Physical inactivity causes more deaths in the world each year than smoking (Wen, 2012)


You should aim to meet or exceed the national guidelines for physical activity to benefit your health the most.

If you already meet the guidelines, well done, but you need to keep up your active lifestyle to stay healthy!

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